About Us

Jhinson Jara, Owner


Jhinson  is  a licensed, expert installer with an extensive knowledge of stone,  tile, and general construction. He always strives for his clientele to  be completely satisfied with our work. Our customers always speak so  highly of his professionalism and attention to detail. He puts the  "master" in Master Tile! 

Holly Winslow, Specialist Stone and Tile


With over 20 years in the tile and stone industry, Holly brings expertise that you won't find in "big box" stores! She has worked actively on the board of the NKBA and keeps up to date with all your kitchen and bath needs. Holly adds a layer of knowledge that elevates every project!

Amy M. Wilson, Designer


 Amy has been a designer for over 25 years. From working in a studio setting to owning a design  consultation business, she has the expertise to always stay up to date  on trends and classic applications for your home. She looks forward to  assisting you with the simplest to most perplexing projects, arriving at  the best solution to make your home stunning!